About Us

Archi Export - Importer and product sourcing company with a professional experience team  of 15 years in Technical Lighting and Mechanical Engineering to provide technical solution and sourcing for Lighting projects ( Indoor /Outdoor). We provide Vendor development / Product Development with Certified Professional Manufacturer affiliated by ISO system certificate / Experience more than10 years /Manufacturing facility / Testing Lab/ Design & Development team/ QA/QC Team, to provide the best industrial service to Professional Lighting Customers and for Lighting Projects.

    Supplier / Manufacturer  Strength.:-

         1. Introduction about the company.

         2. Management and manufacturing facility.

         3. Company Licensee.

         4. ISO Certificate.

         5. Product Technical specifications.

         6. Product Test reports as per IEC Lighting standard - Electrical / Photometry /

             (Safety ,Performance, Reliability )

         7. Material Reports- UL/TUV/ Material –Metal/ Plastic / RoHS certificate

         8. Product warranty- 1 to 3 years on finished products as per term & condition

         9. Warranty Replacement on SKD/ CKD Housing - on Visual defect /             

              Size defects /Manufacturing  defects / Drop test report.

        10. PDI Report- Factory Inspection report before consignment dispatch.

        11. Process management Cycle – Quotation/ Order confirmation /         

              Payment process / Production plan/ Delivery time / Service.

        12.Customized product development on customer request .

    Customer request  .:-

    1. Performance Feedback and collaboration.
    2. Customized Product development on request .